STFU Anti-Choicers
Birth control pill still = abortion



The original post got quite a reaction.  Now here is some science to back up my statement:

All right, I’m going to need Dwight Schrute to help me point out what is fact and what is false. (And what is bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica).

Fact #1: Hormonal birth control pills do not always prevent ovulation.

Fact #2: When ovulation occurs, the ovum (egg) can become fertilized

Fact #3: The instant the ovum is fertilized, conception has taken place and the woman is pregnant.

The medical community has defined pregnancy as beginning at implantation, which occurs eight to ten days after fertilization. This is because before implantation, the zygote is simply “floating” about in the parent’s body with absolutely no attachment, and because a large percentage of zygotes are expelled without implantation.

Fact #4: The uterus is unable to property receive the fertilized ovum, and the baby dies.

Given that the typical-use failure rate of hormonal contraceptive pills is around 8%, not all uteri must be rendered inhospitable to implantation by the pill.

Fact #5: A fertilized ovum is a living human baby with all the God-given rights of an adult human being.

A baby is defined as a human infant, which is defined as a live neonatal human that has been expelled from its mother’s body. A zygote has not even implanted in the uterus, let alone been expelled to survive independently.


Conclusion #1: Hormonal birth control pills do not prevent conception/fertilization.

Hormonal contraceptive pills are approximately 92% effective at preventing pregnancy (as defined by the medical community) with typical use.

Conclusion #2: Hormonal birth control pills are functional abortifacients (abortion-inducing drugs)

Birth control commercials even say “Not for women who are already pregnant.”

Moral #1: Don’t take birth control.

Birth control is awesome (and so are abortions).

Moral #2: Don’t have sex outside of marriage (i.e. Don’t be a slut)

Marriage is social construct designed to subjugate women and is nothing more than a legal contract. Have sex when you want, with whomever you want, with all the protection you want (as long as everyone consents!)


Since a marriage license is just a piece of paper, people aren’t magically able to take care of a child just because they signed one.


And they’re still just as entitled to amazing consensual sex as everyone else.

I hope Dwight was able to clear up some misconceptions. Pun intended.

The Minnesota GOP is moving forward with its “jobs, jobs, jobs” agenda it promised the voters of Minnesota, today proposing to ban all state funds to any group that either provides abortions or might refer someone to a place that provides abortions.  […]

Indiana, too, is pushing a “defund Planned Parenthood” bill, although in their case they really are defunding the group in the state.  A previous attempt at passing the bill stalled when Democrats had an unrelated walk-out at the capitol.

Once again, Republicans claim that there are lots of other places more than willing to provide reproductive health care for cheap that does not provide abortions, then refuses to name one.


The Indiana Senate is voting on defunding Planned Parenthood at 3 pm today. If you are anywhere near Indianapolis, please join the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Indiana at the Statehouse to protest this attack on reproductive health. You can contact the Indiana state senators by e-mail or call at (800) 382-9467. Let them know that you stand with Planned Parenthood and you oppose HB 1210, and especially the Schneider defunding amendment.



““As Republicans seek to defund Planned Parenthood and deny vital health care services to American women most in need, they want to spend taxpayer dollars to support crisis pregnancy centers, which have become anti-choice groups’ sneaky alternative to legitimate reproductive health clinics.””

— Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Cal.) in an email to MoJo’s Kate Sheppard. After attempting to strip all funding from Planned Parenthood (citing, among other things, fiscal discipline), some House Republicans want to pour federal dollars into “crisis pregnancy centers,” which tell women that abortion can cause breast cancer and suicidal tendencies.

To recap: Taxpayer funding for an organization that provides accurate information and valuable resources to women: bad! Taxpayer funding for organizations that provide false and misleading information, to advance an often undisclosed religious agenda, with little regard for actual health issues involved: good!

If this doesn’t make you angry, then you clearly aren’t concerned about the rights of women in this country.  Full stop.