STFU Anti-Choicers

Yeah, so this group posted a note that opens with the argument that “only” ~1% of abortions are for cases of rape, implying “fuck those bitches, since there aren’t that many of them why should they have choices?”

The remainder is the same anti-choice drivel about how abortion hurts women and that somehow being forced to carry one’s rapist’s fetus will make being raped all better!

The best part? “Carrying a baby to term after becoming pregnant by rape can be an empowering experience for a woman. By doing so, she proves herself to be stronger than the rapist, overcoming the odds. If the woman truly feels that she couldn’t love the child produced from rape, there are an innumerable amount of families waiting to adopt a newborn baby, who perhaps cannot conceive children of their own.”

Yeah. You can overcome having your body used against your will during sexual assault by having your body used against your will for nine whole months after the fact! And if you for some reason don’t want to raise the spawn of the person who raped you, you can just be an incubator for a wealthy white family waiting to buy the product of your suffering! Yay!

And the usual disclaimer: abortion is a choice. If you were the victim of sexual assault and became pregnant and chose parenting or adoption, that’s your choice. This is just horrifically offensive to all people who have been sexually assaulted, especially those who chose abortion after the fact.

So yeah, get on reporting this shit for hate speech against a gender/ orientation.

(Thanks,  katbeee for submitting the link to this monstrosity!)